History of JHJPI


Timeline of highlights and accomplishments of JHJP


Shoruq Children’s Debka and Hip-Hop Tour (Middle East Children’s Alliance, MECA) Sponsor March 23, The Friends School, Decatur

A Call to Action: Black and Palestinian Liberation, Co-Sponsor
Speakers- Carlton Mackey, Noura Erakat, Reuven Abergel, Lucas Johnson
April 7-8, First Iconium Baptist Church, Atlanta

A Story of Creative and Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine, Amal Nassar, The Tent of Nations,
West Bank Sponsor, April 26, Villa International

Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and The Turning, Sponsor Panel- Father George Makhlouf, Rev. Tom Are, Rev Fahed Abu-Akel, May 16, Columbia Theological Seminary

A Conversation with Basma Giacaman, Al Basma Special Education Center, West Bank
Co-Sponsor, August 16, Unitarian-Universalist Congregation

Netanyahu’s New Normal, Ramping Up Israel’s Racist Attacks, Journalist David Sheen
Co-Sponsor, November 13 and 14, Emory University and Spelman College

Open Bethlehem, A documentary by Leila Sansour Sponsor, November 20, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

2017 North American Nakba Tour, “69 Years without a Country” Khawla Hammad and Amena Elashkar, Stateless Palestinians from Lebanon Sponsor, December 3, Columbia Theological Seminary

ADDAMEER, Prisoner Support, and Human Rights Association, US Speaking Tour
Sahar Francis, Executive Director Co-Sponsor, December 5, Emory University

Stop Trump, Protect Jerusalem, Support Peace Protest Co-Sponsor, December 16, Centennial Olympic Park




Atlanta Palestine Film Festival, October 2015,

Annual Conference 2015: Partnered with US Campaign to End the Occupation to host their annual conference in Atlanta.


Atlanta Palestine Film Festival, September 2014

Annual Conference 2014  – September 2014

Kairos USA “Teach the Teachers” – Sent 7 members to Druid Hills United Methodist Church on June 7 for training http://kairosusa.org/

Mosaic of Peace:  Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference in Israel/Palestine – April 28 – May 10, 2014, http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/peacemaking/mosaic-peace/

April 2014 – Co-sponsored Students for Justice Palestinian Film Festival for six evenings at Emory and Oglethorpe Universities https://www.facebook.com/events/496675327121378/permalink/496690903786487/

Co-Sponsored Young Gazan Writers (with American Friends Service) on a book tour, Gaza Writes Back – Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine, April 10 – 11, 2014Three Gazans (one was not allowed to leave Gaza) made four appearances – at Agnes Scott College, Georgia State University, North Decatur Presbyterian Church and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center https://afsc.org/story/gaza-writes-back-national-speaking-tour

Co-Sponsored Josh Ruebner, (with Jewish Voice for Peace) author of Shattered Hopes – Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace, March 23 and 24, 2014, at Central Presbyterian Church, N Decatur Presbyterian Church, Agnes Scott College, and Oakhurst Baptist Church.   http://joshruebner.com/?page_id=687

Steadfast Hope – Continued to teach at churches throughout the Presbytery http://www.israelpalestinemissionnetwork.org/main/component/content/article/5/3-steadfast-hope

Piloted 8-week Kairos USA training at North Decatur Presbyterian Church, January – February 2014.

2014 PC(USA) General Assembly – Provided educational materials to PGA Commissioners on February 25, 2014, at Town Square Condominium Complex and by mail. Kate Taber, the mission worker in Jerusalem, was present and shared information about her work in Israel and Palestine. Several members attended GA, as Commissioner, advocate for Overture on HP Boycott, and others in support of peace/Middle East-related overtures. http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/taber-kate/

Encouraging member churches to support overtures related to Israel and Palestine. Two overtures were passed by church sessions (Divestment from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and Hewlett Packard from NDPC and Oakhurst PC; Boycott HP from Oakhurst PC) and were debated on the floor of the February 2014 Presbytery meeting. Divestment was narrowly defeated; Boycott HP passed. http://www.pcusa.org/news/2014/5/23/overtures-221st-general-assembly-2014/ – Overtures 014 and 030.


Co-Sponsored (with Jewish Voice for Peace-Atlanta, Interfaith Peace-Builders, Presbyterian Peacemaking Partnership of the PGA and the Kairos Mission Group at Oakhurst Baptist Church) the Soldier and the Refusenik — Two Israeli activists shared their experiences of Palestinian-Israeli struggle for justice and equality, December 17, 2013, at Oakhurst Baptist, with approximately eighty-five in attendance. http://www.soldierandrefusenik.com/

The Stones Cry Out – Co-sponsored movie with the director at Emory and Peachtree Presbyterian on November 9 and 10, 2013. http://www.thestonescryoutmovie.com/

Bethlehem Voices – Co-sponsored (with Tree of Life Educational Fund) event at Peachtree Presbyterian Lodge, including performances and program including Tent of Nations founder Daoud Nassar, October 30, 2013.


Israel/Palestine Mission Network– Sent two members to participate in meeting on October 24-26, 2013, Detroit.


Annual Conference – Don Wagner and Marc Ellis were keynote speakers for September 7, 2013 conference at Trinity Presbytery Church. Partnered with North GA Presbytery and Peacemaking Partnership. The conference was in memory of Jim McGown. Clergy Breakfast was sponsored with Marc Ellis at Columbia Seminary, September 6.  Read more in the 2013 Conference information packet for attendees

Letter of support for Friends of Sabeel–North America’s letter, sent to 14 company CEOs asking that they stop selling Soda Stream. Letters were sent to Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Costco, Crate & Barrel, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Penney’s, Sears, Staples, Surl a Table, Target, Walmart and Williams-Sonoma. http://www.fosna.org/

20I3 Israel Palestine Mission Network – PC USA- Meeting in Detroit – October 24 – 26, 2013 – http://israelpalestinemissionnetwork.org/main/

“The Stones Cry Out” documentary – Organized the Atlanta portion of the nationwide première and tour of the film about Palestinian Christians produced by Yasmine Perni who presented the film both at Emory University and Peachtree Presbyterian  http://www.thestonescryoutmovie.com

2013 Bethlehem Voices – Organized and hosted this event on tour from The Tree of Life Educational Fund which was attended by over 220 people. It included musical performances by students of the Edward Said Conservatory in Ramallah and educational presentations by Daoud Nasser of The Tent of Nations and Jane Hilal of the Applies Research Institute of Jerusalem. http://www.tolef.org  http://www.arij.ps

Sponsored Conference “The Church Must Take a Stand and Stop Ignoring Injustice in Palestine and Israel” on Sept 7, 2013, at Trinity Presbyterian, where 110 people attended

Trip to Israel/Palestine – May 25-June 7, 2013. Co-sponsored Interfaith Peace-Builders trip with Central Presbyterian. Provided funding for Sarah Humphrey as a trip co-leader. http://www.ifpb.org/

Promoted and attended Lecture by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti “The Situation in Palestine, Future Perspectives, and the Work of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society on April 6, 2013, at Peachtree Presbyterian Church.

Promoted and attended Screening of “5 Broken Cameras”, Oscar-Nominated Documentary at, at Emory Law School on April 3, 2013.

Iyad Burnat – Palestinian Nonviolent Leader and Activist from Bil’in Village – JHJP members participated in several events where Mr. Burnat spoke on Feb 1 and 2, 2013:  Efforts for Peace in the Middle East Symposium Kennesaw State; Shabbat Dinner, Isha Prayer and Discussion sponsored by Muslims for Progressive Values, Jewish Voice for Peace, Interfaith Peace-Builders and Fellowship of Reconciliation; Breakfast at Oakhurst Baptist, and Lunch event at Absalom Jones Episcopal Center.


Steadfast Hope http://israelpalestinemissionnetwork.org/main/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=9  Taught adult SS classes at First Presbyterian Church of Jonesboro, Decatur Presbyterian, St James Methodist.  SH has been taught in 18 locations in 2011-2013


Co-Hosted,   along with Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, http://georgiapeace.org/  Miko Peled, author of The General’s Son, at Oakhurst Presbyterian on Oct 23, 2012, http://mikopeled.com/

Israel/Palestine Mission Network – John Morgan and Kyle Christofalo attended IPMN meeting in Chicago in October 11 – 13, 2012    http://israelpalestinemissionnetwork.org/main/

Mailed letter of support to PC-USA Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons, thanking him for the letter sent to Congress from 15 religious leaders on October 5, 2012, asking that military aid to Israel be conditioned on its compliance with US laws.  (Prohibiting assistance to any country which engages in consistent human rights violations and limiting the use of US weapons to internal security or legitimate self-defense.)


Kairos USA Training – Supported and attended training on Sept 22, 2012, at Oakhurst Baptist Church – 52 people attended   http://kairosusa.org/

2012 PC-USA  220th General Assembly – Several  JHJP  members attended in July 2012 to support boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS)  movement


Co-Hosted Alex Awad the pastor of East Jerusalem Baptist Church, as well as Professor at Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine, serving  under the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, at St James Methodist on July 22, 2012, http://alexawad.org/


Hosted Mark Braverman in PGA churches.

Supported AAPER Film Festival, GA Tech (April)

Provided educational presentations at NE GA Presbytery meeting (Fahed, Braverman).

Requested/received Partnership designation from PGA.

Started “Steadfast Hope” study sessions (7).

Co-sponsored Sabeel Conference.

Heard from African Heritage Delegation on their trip to Israel/Palestine.

Met with US Representatives Johnson and Price.


Sponsored Seventh trip to Israel/Palestine in April 2010.

Thanked Middle East Study Committee for their work/report “Breaking Down the Wall.” Recommendations were adopted by GA.

Provided Funds to Bethany Kindergarten.

Provided educational presentations at PGA and NE GA Presbytery meetings.

Elected Judy Davis Chair (May).

Recognized Sarah Humphrey as Annual Peacemaking Award Recipient.

Held service to recognize World Week for Peace in Palestine/Israel.

Sponsored Annual Conference, Niam Ateek (Sabeel), speaker.

Sponsored Susanne Hoder in locations in PGA.

Met with staff in Rep. Hank Johnson’s and Senator Johnny Isakson’s offices.


Hosted Michele Finseth, Mission Co-worker in Palestine/Israel.

Hosted Naim Ateek (Sabeel) and Stephen Sizer (Anglican Priest, Author).

Sponsored Annual JHFJ Conference, with speakers Mark Braverman (Jewish Author), Greg Khalil (the Telos Group),  Jerusalem Women Speak, Sam Jones/Nathan Stock (Carter Center).

Celebrated Sarah’s 22 years of work at Presbytery of Greater Atlanta.

Supported John Morgan with his Free Gaza March.

Organized to continue without staff support of PGA.


Sponsored Conference “Listening to Our Partners: Palestinian Voices for Peace” (July 2008) with Palestinian Partners, American Jewish Author and Activist Anna Baltzer and others as guest speakers — Rana Qumsiyeh (YWCA), Zoughbi Zoughbi (Center for Peace and Reconciliation), Susanne Hoder, Doug Whitmore (UMC) and Michele Finseth (Mission Co-worker).

Three members represented PGA JHJP partnership at International Consultation in Orange, CA

Anna Baltzer (Author/Activist) at North Decatur Presbyterian

Arranged visits for Rana and Zoughbi to churches, Emory U, Columbia Theological Seminary, Calvin Center, Presbytery JH, and Peacemaking Committees, and with Presbytery staff.

Sponsored Sixth trip to Israel/Palestine in March 2008 (8 people)

Co-sponsored US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s Separate is Never Equal Tour, with AFSC’s Middle East Peace Education Program.  Speakers were Rev. Eddie Makue, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches and Diana Buttu, former PLO legal advisor and attorney.

Hosted Shehadeh Shehadeh, International Peacemaker, NDPC.

Attended IPMN conference in Chicago.


For five Sundays during Lent (February 25 to March 25, 2007) at the request of the Presbytery to provide a series of educational events aimed at broadening Presbyterian understanding of the situation in Israel/Palestine, JHFJ organized a series of panels with local Israeli, Palestinian, Islamic and Muslim communities.  The fifth panel featured representatives of Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations.  Panelists who shared their perspectives were Rabbi Yoav Eichenberg-Eilon, Mr. Ephi Eyal, Mr. Yehuda Mor, Mr. Mohammad Braiwish, Dr. Hani Khoury, Dr. Omar Lattouf, Imam Plemon El-Amin, Dr. Aisha Jumaan, Ms. Tayyibah Taylor, Mr. Rich Breitkopf, Rabbi Mario Karpuj, Ms. Carla Michalove, Ms. Anat Biletzki, and Ms. Maureen Clare Murphy.  Moderators were Margaret Aymer, Charles Easley, Rick Neale, Beverly Ostrowski, and Scott Weimer.  Host churches were Druid Hills, Hillside and McDonough.

Panelists responded to two questions:  What is your vision for a just peace in Israel/Palestine and how do we achieve it?  What can the PCUSA do to make that vision a reality?

The following General Assemble Overtures came out of the dialogue:

  1. The General Assembly will produce a video and study guide including participants from the Jewish, Islamic, Palestinian, Israeli, and human rights communities (both Israeli and Palestinian) addressing the above questions.
  2. The General Assembly, through the Mission Responsibility through Investment Committee, will produce a “how-to” guide to examine what is “near and dear” to us, including our investments, and how to bring those investments in line with our Biblical and theological principles.
  3. The General Assembly, through the Office for Interfaith Relations, will produce a “how-to” guide to help Presbyterian congregations and members seek out and live into intentional friendships with Jews and Muslims in our communities.
  4. The General Assembly will continue to lift up the plight of the dwindling Christian community throughout the Middle East, especially that in Israel/Palestine, and will continue to seek ways to support and pray for the church in the land of its birth.  The General Assembly commends the ongoing work of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network in its efforts to do just that.
  5. The General Assembly urges the President of the United States to appoint a special envoy for Israel/Palestine, based in Jerusalem, to begin immediately as a sign of active, principled U.S. engagement to solving the Isreali-Palestinian conflict.