August, 2019


The Danger of Neutrality by Anna Baltzer at TEDxOcala

“Staying neutral in controversial situations is the moral high ground, right? Wrong. It’s the exact opposite. Author and inspirational speaker Anna Baltzer explains how neutrality is a dangerous trap — and an illusion. Taking a side, not impartiality, is what really helps resolve conflicts. You will be surprised as BaltzerRead More

Gideon Levy – U.S. Jews Have Only Themselves to Blame

U.S. Jews Have Only Themselves to Blame for Trump’s anti-Semitic Tropes. Listen to Gideon Levy – HAARETZ By blindly and automatically supporting Israel, the Jewish establishment in the U.S. proves that American-Jewish liberalism ends where the occupation starts. Listen Now Host Simon Spungin is joined by senior Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, who hasRead More

Congresswomen Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib respond after ban from Israel

Voices for Justice: Jerusalem from the Lens of a Native Son — Philip Farah

Voices for Justice: Jerusalem from the Lens of a Native Son — Ghettoization and Pauperization August 7, 2019 Philip Farah, a member of EPF PIN’s advisory council and a key member of the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace, traveled to Palestine in June.  He reflects on his time on the ground.Read More

Palestine: A New Approach – Advocacy & Alliances

Palestine: A New Approach is a national tour that will be in  Atlanta on September 21st, 2019 sponsored by The American Muslims for Palestine who’s goal is to educate Americans in order to bring about change in the Middle East. This is a benefit dinner for advocacy and sending aRead More

Being The Hands and Feet of Christ in Gaza

A Letter from Doug Dicks, serving in Israel and Palestine July 2019 – original post: Dear Family and friends, It’s watermelon season in Gaza. As our van makes its way through Gaza’s streets and alleyways, we see donkey carts laden with watermelons, cantaloupes, bananas, fruits, and vegetables traversing theRead More

Tell Congress to Support Palestinian Children’s Human Rights!

Tell Your Member of Congress This August “Take Action and Support Palestinian Children’s Human Rights!” Right now, members of Congress are home for the August legislative recess. During this time, they’ll hold town halls, talk to constituents, and decide on their legislative priorities for the rest of the year. Rep.Read More

How Zionists use racial myths to deny Palestinians the right to go home

Proponents of settler-colonialism argue that Palestinian natives of Palestine are foreigners in their own land by Joseph Massad, 5 August 2019 11:57 UTC Original Publishing: Like all settler-colonial ideologies, Zionism has always been obsessed with race. Having emerged at the height of European colonialism and race science, it soughtRead More