September, 2019


Please, release the funding for the Augusta Victoria Hospital

Release funding for Augusta Victoria Hospital – urge U.S. senators to take life-saving action! Take action now at the ELCA Action Center! Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) and the other members of the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network (EJHN) continue to need our help to be able to continue their life-saving healthRead More

Event: Palestine: A New Approach – Advocacy & Alliances

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It looks like Israel wants Palestine’s Land, but not Its People

RAMALLAH, West Bank, NY Times Original post. Go to for complete article By Raja Shehadeh (Mr. Shehadeh is a Palestinian lawyer and writer.) Sept. 17, 2019 Last week, ahead of the parliamentary elections in Israel this Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that if re-elected, he would annex upRead More

Christ at the Checkpoint 2020

Christ at the Checkpoint 2020, from Atlanta Complete Trip May 29 to June 10, 2020 ABOUT THE CONFERENCE Join us in the year 2020 in Bethlehem for the sixth international Christ at the Checkpoint conference. The theme will be Hope and Resilience in a Broken World. Join us as weRead More