May, 2018


Israel and Palestine Syllabus by Kate Taber

Kate’s Israel and Palestine Syllabus for May 2018 KATE TABER·TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018 Why are Palestinians protesting right now and why is the Israeli military using such force against them? Why is an evangelical pastor who once said that Jewish people are going to hell and a megachurch televangelist whoRead More

Why Jews in solidarity with Palestinians will win the day

May 14, 2018, by Robert A. H. Cohen 1890 Why Jews in solidarity with Palestinians will win the day Because it’s not 1933. Because the Palestinians are not the Nazis. Because we have not been here before. Because this is new. Why Jews in solidarity with Palestinians will win theRead More

70 yeas since the Nakba

Ecumenical statement by 14 U.S. denominations 70 years since the establishment of the State of Israel and the Palestinian Nakba “In times when lawlessness and wickedness triumph, the gospel makes itself known,” wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In support of the March of Return on the Gaza border and in solidarity withRead More

Sabeel Wave of Prayer May 10th, 2018

According to U.N. documentation there have been one hundred and fifty nine raids carried out by the Israeli military forces in the Occupied West Bank between March 27th and April 9th. Before dawn on Friday, March 30th, a Palestinian mother in Hebron was assaulted by Israeli soldiers as she triedRead More